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Yes well again, you are just speculating on the Na'vi's genetic make-up. Also we do not really know if an alien would be stronger than us. Gravity is a huge factor, though we never got the specifications of the planet Pandora, simply going on the different atmosphere would get us no where. It is safe to assume that we humans would have denser muscles, and denser bones (Although being on the planet would start to deterierate our bones, and muscle tissue to become softer) How ever they addressed that fact in the beggining, when the sarge or whoever told Sam Worthington excersizeing to keep up the strength.... And plus look at Mars itself, it's atmospher isn't and can't be dense because of it's lower gravitational feild. I dunno much about that kind of garbage, but either way, if that was the case, and atmospher was thicker, the Na'vi wouldn't be as tall as they are. Lower gravity makes taller species, that I know. and should the Atmospher create a bigger pressure, then the Na'vi wouldn't be as tall.



LMAO I'll grant you that there is a whole lot of things that don't make sense in this franchise but never the less it is canon that they are stronger than us and have stronger carbon fiber bones and so on, you are right biologically it should not even be possible for them to be stronger or have denser stronger bones as they would have no need for them biologically. The only logical answer I can come up besides a denser atmosphere is radiation. They might have become stronger and with carbon fiber bones to tolerate the radiation that bathes their world every so often.--PunkMaister 00:46, December 17, 2010 (UTC)

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