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I dont see why the Na'Vi would not be able to braid bond with the Titanothere. If Neytiri was able to braid bond with the ViperWolfe then it should be possible to bound with any living creature on Pandora. But will the creature allows you to is the real question

It would seem that braid bonding is the means of beingable to communicate with the creatures of Pandora. The Na'Vi have their own written and spoken language but the language of the bond is still a mystery. Does the braid bond transfer the Na'Vi consciouness into the host creature where both work as one on a subconcious level or does the Na'Vi's thoughts replace the host creature's thoughts all together until the bond is broken?

Another question that should have been is braid bonding the way that Na'Vi and creatures of Pandora mate?

Q1: No and no. The Na'vi just tell the animal what to do, and the animal doesn't argue. Na'vi can control it, because their mind is, in a way, inside the animal's mind.

Q2: Um, I guess the animals could connect their nerual whips, but I don't know if they do. The Na'vi do when they mate.

In Avatar for wii one of the memebers of the Li'ona clan rides one, and later effectvely lends him to the playable character until he bonds with a thanador. the navi can make tsahalu with any animal, however the link is far more likely to be established with dire horeses or Ikran. moreover some clans specialise in riding certian totmeic animals. eg.the Anurai clan seem to be able to successfully bond with thanadors, even though navi are food. clans seem

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