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You need to rephrase your question.

EDIT: I believe this question is a general criticism against the tail sported by Avatars and Na'vi. Seeing as it's one of the main features of the species, it's going to stay in all probability.

EDIT: I don't know if it's about the Na'vi's tails, but that is answered above. If you are talking about their braid, that also is their hair, that lets them form tsaheylu, the bond with the ikran and other animals, I think they would be affected. They need to be able to form tsaheylu, or they cannot connect to the world of Pandora.[[Category:first of all its called a Queue and in deleted scenes it's how Tsu'tey dies. when he is shot of the humans ship it is cut off. it dosnt fully kill him but he is in great pain. i believe it brings back only terrible memories in their lifes. he asks Jake to end his life and he does. he also performs the special prayer he did on an animal.]]

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