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EDIT: Technically, you're not asking anything, but assuming you're asking who Trudy was, I'll tell you... Trudy Chacon was a skilled pilot for the RDA who arrived on Pandora at least two years before Jake Sully. Strong-willed, she had strong opinions about the RDA's methods, specifically how they treated the Na'vi. She developed a strong friendship with Jake Sully, Grace Augustine, and Norm Spellman. All three were dedicated to the Avatar team, a trait that they seemed to rub off on Trudy, shown when Trudy witnessed the destruction of the Hometree. She refused to join in on it upon discovering what she was doing and rebelled against the RDA forces, returning to Hell's Gate (unnoticed) in the chaos. Upon returning, Grace, Jake, and Norm were imprisoned for alleged betrayal to the RDA during the Destruction of Hometree. Trudy, though, teamed up with a fellow member of the Avatar team, Max Patel, and freed her imprisoned friends. Hurriedly, they escaped in Trudy's Samson (which she affectionately had named "Maya" and her baby) and sided with the Na'vi clans to fight the RDA after the death of Grace, who was shot and wounded by Quaritch, head of the RDA's security forces. Trudy was killed in battle after rescuing Jake from Quaritch, who had attempted to kill him during the Assault on the Tree of Souls. Quaritch had sought revenge on Trudy for betraying the RDA and became distracted with killing her. Although Trudy died, her portrayer (Michelle Rodriguez) has hinted at a possible return in Avatar 2.

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