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The story is about a young marine, war veteran,paralysed both mentally and physically.He goes to the planet Pandora to step into the shoe of his twin brother.His mission is to exist as an Avatar( a mixture of human and Native A.k.A Na'vi DNA).The goal of the humans is simple.They want to relocate the omaticaya clan of their hometree, because underneath it, exists a large deposit of unobtainium, the reason why humans visited pandora.Only a kilo, costs 20.000.000.There are 2 ways, of relocating the clan.Simply destroy hometree, killing everyone in the process, or via avatars.Avatars purpose is to be axepted as one of the clan and then try to make them leave, because they would all die.If that would work, then the military could simply destroy hometree, without killing an Na'vi.Jake is axepted as one of thre clan, but to become one of the people, he has to learn to be one of them.Learn how to hunt speak the language and many more.Neytiri, is Jake's teacher but as they learn each other they fall in love and Jake understands, that the military is bad and the Na'vi are pure.He betrays the military, but tells the truth at the omaticaya clan, he is considered as a spy.Hometree is destroyed, by force by the military.Then jake escapes his prison, gathers all the navi clans for battle, wich ended victoriously fot the Na'vi.The humans are forced back to their dying world, while Jake chooses to transfer his spirit, to his avatar body. The moral of the story is unknown, however, for a multitude of different ones, such as: Don't always pick what is easy and do what you love. One of the strongest points of the plot is the love that Jake and Neytiri share for each other.

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