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Neytiri loves Jake beyond imagination. The reason that she tried to kill him in the beginning was because his human clothes informed her that he was an avatar, and believing that he was another evil human trying to destroy their culture, tried to kill him. She took him back to her clan the Omaticaya after a sign from Eywa and was ordered to teach him to become one of them. He did, and then mated with Neytiri for life. After the destruction of Hometree, Neytiri ordered Jake to never return, but he tamed the Great Leonopteryx to win back her trust. They went into battle together, and before Colonel Quaritch could kill Jake, he took two arrows in the chest from Neytiri. Jake suffered from the toxic atmosphere (as his avatar was unconcious and Jake was ion his human body because of great injuries), but was saved by Neytiri. He had grown to love the Omaticaya and especially Neytiri, that he transferred his mind and soul into his avatar body and became one of them. Neytiri loves Jake's strongness, braveness, good looks, and kind heart. Jake loves her beauty, compassion, bravery, and faith in the Omaticaya.

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