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For human life, everyone has a purpose. God has things planned out for us we may not even dream about. If you read the Bible, it says God created us and created the world. Life is one if the many mysteries of the world.

Why did God create sinful creatures like us? He found joy in creating, and he wanted friends. We were perfect in the beginning, and God gave us free will. But the devil tempted Eve with a fruit, when she was away from Adam, and I'm sure you know the story from there.

So what's the point in life? To worship and live our lives for Christ, our saviour. He wants us in heaven to worship and give our praise. But we cannot go to heaven on our own. We are not worthy.

Your sins, my sins and your father's sins will get us all in hell. There is no way for us to go to heaven on our own. We deserve to be burning with not so much as a drop of water for relief or comfort. Once in hell, there is no way back.

But God, having compassion and giving more mercy than we deserve, sacrificed his only son Jesus Christ, like a father giving away his only beloved son, so we could be saved from hell. Christ actually wanted another way to save us from hell, and He didn't want to die on the cross. He prayed for another way, but told God, "Your will be done."

Then Jesus died on the cross for me, and all of humanity. Jesus then took our places, and was cast into hell. God, unwillingly, turned His back, and let Jesus suffer in hell for me and you. The Bible never says what God was thinking, but I believe He cried; the skies were black, but it was the middle of the day.

On Easter morning, Jesus rose and took his rightful place in heaven. Why He died for someone as wretched as me, still makes me wonder. But He died for me because He loves me. Of that, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness. There's no way I would sacrifice my dog for a rapist or murderer to have a chance to go to heaven. But JESUS died for everyone. The most perfect man to walk the earth has died for you.

Jesus' blood took our places on the cross. Now all we have to do is believe He did this for us. Nothing else. No works or kind acts of Christanity, just a child-like faith is all we need. The only way to heaven, and I stress the only way, is to simply believe He did this. Ask Him to come into your heart and open your eyes to the world. Pray for Him to fill the void you feel everyday, and He will. He doesn't hold back for anybody.

It's so nice to know where you're going after you die. I'm on my way to heaven. Hope to see you there. --Draginfli

P.S. This only applies to followers of the Christian faith, so don't depend on it if you don't belong to that religious group.

Actually, this applies to everyone. It's just your choice to deny Jesus Christ and suffer endlessly in hell. --Draginfli

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